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Confirmed Xbox Exclusives for 2017

Confirmed Xbox Exclusives for 2017

by AlexJanuary 12, 2017

We bring you a list of the Xbox One exclusives that are scheduled to come out this year and I must say that this is a pretty good assortment of exclusives for the console. We cannot wait to get our hands on some of this games, some of them are sequels of Microsoft popular games, while other ones are brand new, anyways here is the list of exclusives that have been confirmed for this 2017.

1.- Rise & Shine

In this game you will take the place of a hero name Rise, a young hero who ends up in possession of a relic called Shine. You will guide him through a series of levels that combine elements from bullet hell shooters and puzzle platformers, the levels will also be loaded with other video game references.

2.- Halo Wars 2

The sequel for the 2009 real-time strategy game based on Microsoft popular franchise Halo. In this sequel you will command Captain Cutter and his crew against a dangerous faction of Brutes called the The Banished and apparently this group is a real treat to the galaxy. This game promises to be a great addition to the Halo franchise and be an entertaining tittle full of new content

3.- Tacoma

This is a mysterious game that seems to be set in space, this is also another game created by Fullbright’s who are the makers of the popular game Gone Home, lets see what they have in store for us with this new title.

4.- Cuphead

This title is a new 2D run-and-gun game that will have some very interesting art styles based around cartoons of the 1930’s, This game looks like it will be so much fun and it seems that it will be couch co-op. This will be without a doubt a fun and challenging title.

5.- Crackdown 3

This is the third entry of the popular game Crackdown, in the game you take the place of an Agent, Agents are enhanced police enforces that use their superhuman abilities to fight crime. This game will have you fighting crime on a futuristic city where everything can be destroyed.

6.- Phantom Dust

This announcement took everyone by surprise i guess no one expected to get a remake of this 2005 action-strategy title. The game incorporates strategy and action elements into a game that requires both mental and reflexive skill, this is without a doubt an unexpected but welcomed release.

7.- Sea of Thieves

Have you ever had a dream of being a pirate well this new game will help you achieve that, the game is a pirate adventure game that counts with a share world where you and your friends can go looking for loot or for trouble if you so desire.

8.- State of Decay 2

The first State of Decay was a really good Zombie Survival game in which you had not only to take care of yourself but also you had to manage your base, this sequel looks promising and it will probably continue the legacy of the first game. You can also tackle this game with the company of 3 friends that can help you gather resources and survive the zombie apocalypse.


This are the games that have been confirmed to be released this year as of January, there may be more games announced later into the year and those will be cover later on.


Source: Gamespot

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