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Copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 Sells for an Incredible Amount

Copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 Sells for an Incredible Amount

by AlexJanuary 16, 2017

Amazing Fantasy #15 has always been somewhat of a Holy Grail of comics, this edition keeps increasing its value through the course of the years, with only 11 edition out of the 2,627 existing ones are near mint condition. Even though a edition that is 1.0 in the CGC grading Scale it’s still worth around $7,500 but that is not what we are discussing right now.

This comic holds great value among collectors and today we saw this when a copy with a score of 9.2 in the CGC grading scale at an amazing price of $460,000 which is the highest amount paid for an edition with this score. Prices for this comic have been rising steadily since 2011 when an edition with a score of 9.6 sold for 1.1 million. This comic has always been in high demand and with its price rising up constantly it would be a good investment if you could afford to get a copy of this coveted comic.

Source: Bleedingcool

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