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Holiday Ideas Part 1

Holiday Ideas Part 1

by AlexNovember 21, 2016

Now that the holidays are approaching here are some items that are both affordable and cool and that you might have not know about. They are perfect to add to your wishlist and/or as a gift for that geeky friend we all have. This first part will have items ranging from under $15 to $100.

 avengers-alliance 1.- Chicozy Cotton Avengers Alliance. – $ 14.99
Dress your couch with this stylish pillows, without having to spend too much money. These pillows are made out of durable cotton linen and measure 18 inches square.
fallout-4-watch 2.- Fallout Antique Gold and Silver Vault 111 Pocket Watch.$ 8.90
Being punctual is always important and now you can know the time even after the apocalypse with this 1.7 inch, antique-style quartz pocket watch.
corvo-pop-vynil 3.- Dishonored 2 Emily, The Outisider and Corvo Pop! Vinyl figures. – $33.99
The Assassin Corvo Attano and the Empress Emily Kaldwin are a pair of supernatural assassins but they display their adorable side in these vinyl figures.
starwars-game 4.- Star Wars: the Force Awakens Beginners Game. – $25.04
Create your own Galactic adventure with this game from Fantasy Flight Games. With pre-made characters and clear rules is all you need to get started in this epic adventure.
retro-cube-speaker 5.- 8Bitdo Cube Speaker. – $34.99
This is an example of a modern design meeting a classic aesthetic. This Bluetooth speaker was inspired by the NES including a d-pad set of controls and an eight hour battery to enjoy your music.
bloodborbe-thegame 6.Blood Borne Card Game. – $27.99
If you are a fan of FromSoftware this is a must have. This evocative card game will put you in a competition to become the greatest monster hunter. This game is loyal to the difficulty of the games so be prepared to die a lot.
mario-vans 7.- Vans X Nintendo Shoes. – $54.90
Vans wraps your feet with a series of stylish graphic prints featuring some of your favorite Nintendo characters.
seafall-game 8.-SeaFall – $56.95
Sail the high seas, win glory and fame and watch as the game evolves based on your last play through, this guarantees that every time the game will take you on a different direction.
xbox_design_lab_xbox_wireless_controller_256206470_thumbnail 9.- Xbox Design Lab Wireless Control. – $79.99

What is better than having you own controller? Well designing your own with texture handgrips, a built in headphone jack and 8 million customizable color combinations.

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