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Pokémon GO could Affect US Life Expectancy

Pokémon GO could Affect US Life Expectancy

by RodJanuary 10, 2017

When Pokémon GO was launched, it became a sensation around the world, to a point where people from countries that were not supposed to be playing the game yet, found a way to do it, gyms and pokestops started popping everywhere, big chains took advantage of this to bring more people into their establishments.

One of the main elements of Pokémon GO is walking, you need to do it to catch monsters, fight in gyms and to hatch your eggs and there’s a study made by the Journal of Medical Internet Research called Influence of Pokémon GO on Physical Activity.

The study was done over three months on people wearing Microsoft fitness trackers and the study concluded that Pokémon GO can be linked with an increase in physical activity and could be beneficial to people to live longer lives:

Highly engaged users were almost 3 times as likely to meet official activity guidelines in the 30 days after starting to play Pokémon Go compared with that before. If this user engagement could be sustained, Pokémon Go would have the potential to measurably affect US life expectancy.
We studied the effect of Pokémon Go on physical activity through a combination of large-scale wearable sensor data with search engine logs and showed that the game leads to significant increases in physical activity over a period of 30 days, particularly with the engaged users increasing their average activity by 1473 steps a day or 26 percent.
Based on our findings, we estimate that the game has already added an estimated 144 billion steps to US physical activity. If engagement with Pokémon Go could be sustained over the lifetime of its many users, we estimate that the game would add an estimated 2.825 million years of additional lifetime to its US users.

So if you haven’t done too much lately, this is a good excuse to start, a fun game and at the same time help yourself to live longer. What are you waiting for?

Source: Nintendo Life

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