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It Seems That The Flash Movie is Getting a Complete Rewrite

It Seems That The Flash Movie is Getting a Complete Rewrite

by AlexJanuary 25, 2017

It seems that Warner Bros. has decided to take The Flash movie into a whole new direction.

According to Variety due to this decision the script will be getting a complete re-do. While the studio has not assigned a new director for the film since Rick Famuyiwa left the project some time ago, they have assigned Joby Harold to supervise the script rewrite.

Joby Harold is the writer behind the new King Arthur movie, the director of this film, Guy Ritchie promises that will be a spectacular film.

Although Warner Bros. declined commenting about it to Variety.

Some of the rumors around said that Cyborg would make an appearance in The Flash movie as well as in the Justice League film. Another character rumored to make an appearance in the Justice League movie is the Flash’s love interest Iris West.

We will have to see after the script changes Cyborg still appears in this film but nothing is certain about it at this point, we have no other option but wait and see how the project turns out.

Source: IGN

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