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Top 10 Most Expensive Comics Out There

Top 10 Most Expensive Comics Out There

by AlexNovember 29, 2016

Comics have always had a special place in the heart of fans, with the rise of technology you can obtain them digitally and access it anytime you want it but it is not the same feeling as having the physical copy in your hands and flipping those pages full of adventures of our favorite characters. As i just said comics will always have a special place in the hearts of fans but if you are a long time fan of comics they may also make you wealthy and rich since some of the early editions of this books are worth an extraordinary amount of money in today’s market here is a list of the 10 most valuable and rare comic books that you can buy, this price is base on a mint edition of the comic since the condition of it will decrease its value if not treated right.

10. Amazing Fantasy No. 15$275,000

This comic original price was 12 cents and it is the book that introduces one of the most loved heroes of today, Spiderman.

9. PEP Comics No. 22$280,000

This was the first comic written about youngsters for youngsters and it also features the first appearance of Archie Andrews.

8. Action Comics No.7$315,000

The comic was discharged in 1938 and it features superman stories. In his second ever cover appearance. In this book Superman shoes were made yellow, but the experiment did gave good results so it was changed back to red in later edition, making the yellow shoes only available in this edition of the comic.

7. Captain America No. 1$379,000

The comic book was discharged during WW2 and is one of the rarest. It is the first appearance of Captain America and the story is about Captain America rescuing America from the oppression of Hitler.

6. Batman No. 1$575,000

This is the first solo comic for Batman and it also talks about the Joker making this comic a valuable piece for any fans of the cape crusader.

5. Marvel Comics No. 1$600,000

This is the first comic released by company that will grow to become Marvel Comics, it also introduces a variety of heroes from this universe. This is when the biggest competitor of DC comics came to be.

4. All American Comics No. 16$747,000

This book introduced a new masked hero it is where Green Lantern was brought forward to fight crime and it was a popular edition among both kids and adults of this time.

3. Superman No. 1$1,000,000

Nobody needs an introduction to Superman, everybody knows this hero so it is not surprise that his first comic book is one of the most popular and expensive there is, this might not have been his first appearance in comic books but it was the beginning of his comic series.

2. Detective Comics No 27$2,000,000

The original value of this comic was 10 cents and it was the first appearance of the world’s favorite vigilante, Batman. It is considered one of the most valuable comics ever.

1. Action Comics No. 1$3,000,000

This is the most expensive comic in the modern era and with good reason this is the comic that paved the way for future comic books. Comics weren’t all that popular before this one hit the shelves in 1938 having the first appearance of superman and other stories within it. There have been more than one copy bought at this price showing that fans will do anything for this memento of the comic book industry.

Comic books have shaped childhoods and even today they are still popular among all group ages. Today it seems that the interest in comic books has increased do to the great amount of superhero movies to which the fans are drawn to and acquire a desire to know more about their favorite heroes.

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