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Who is… The Vulture

Who is… The Vulture

by AlexDecember 23, 2016

The Vulture has a long history in comic books being the second villain to ever face Spider-Man, his first appearance in comic books was on The amazing Spider-Man #2. Adrian Toomes a.k.a The Vulture is a former electronic engineer that employs a special harness that grants him the ability to fly.

Amazing Spider-Man #2

Adrian Toomes parents died when he was young and he was left under the tutelage of his older brother, Marcus Toomes. His brother would become paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident, this caused the tables to turn and it ended up being Adrian who took care of his brother. Adrian’s teachers recognized his intelligence.

As an adult Adrian Toomes used his intelligence to become an electronics engineer and inventor, later he would become the co-founder of Bestman and Toomes electronics. In his company his business partner Gregory Bestman would take care of the administrative affairs of the company while Toomes would dedicate most of his time to his side project to develop a electromagnetic harness that would grant the user the ability to fly, however by being so invested in his project he failed to notice that Bestman was stealing his side of the company from him.

When Toomes found out that Gregory was stealing his side of the company he decided to physically confront him about it, he discovered that the prolonged exposure to his harness granted him superhuman strength, even after finding this out he failed to intimidate his old business partner, and soon Bestman took full control of the company.

Already an old man after he lost his company Toomes retired to a farm in Staten Island, there he continued to work on his harness until he was able to perfect it, with his invention and his superior strength he saw  an opportunity for revenge. Adrian created the masked identity of The Vulture and went to Bestman’s office in the hopes to find some incriminating evidence, but after this failed he ended up ransacking and vandalizing it.

The Vulture 1

Drawn in because of the easy rewards and the thrill Toomes pursued a career as the masked criminal named The Vulture, this life has brought him to a number of confrontations with heroes like Spider-Man. After a while Toomes discovered that the energy source used to power his harness had a side effect, it had given him cancer.

The Vulture 2

This situation was fixed when the vulture stumbled upon a plot the Chameleon and Green Goblin would use against Spider-Man, they planned to use shapeshifting androids of the hero’s deceased parents. This plan was ruined by The Vulture’s involvement, where he destroyed one of the android to absorb its life force, this had two effect on him, first, it granted him temporal youth and the second being that it cured him of his cancer.


It has been showed in the comics that the prolonged exposure to his harness has grant him superhuman strength and lately the ability to levitate and fly at a very slow speed without the need of his harness.

The Vulture is one of those heroes that people do not know much about but it is one of the first villains to fight Spider-Man and it is a man with pride, he has defeated other villains that tried to steal his identity or rob him the satisfaction of his vengeance against the web-slinger. He has even tried to be on the right side of the law in some situations but eventually he returns to his criminal tendencies.

The Vulture vs Spider-Man

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