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Who is… Wolverine

Who is… Wolverine

by AlexDecember 5, 2016

Wolverine. I think we all recognize this character by now, it is character that has seen countless movies in these modern times and thankfully we have an actor as Hugh Jackman to play this iconic role but seeing that Jackman’s last film as this character is coming soon, we are here wondering how much do you really know about the Wolverine, so we have decided to make a short article explaining his origins, powers and everything essential to know about this iconic character.

Wolverine’s birth name is something that not many people know, believe it or not his name is not Logan but instead James Howlett. He was born in the late 1880’s but thanks to his mutant powers the aging process on him takes place at a reduced ratio, than on others. Wolverine adopted the name Logan when he was forced to run away from home after killing his father’s assailant with the bone claws that grew in the back of his hands. Logan fought in both WW1 and WW2 in the latest teaming up with Captain America. He serves on the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during the battle of Normandy and is later recruited by Team X, a black ops unit.

As a member of of Team X he was given false memory implants, after breaking free from this brain control and escaping he joins the Canadian Defense Ministry before being kidnapped and subjected to various experiments by the Weapon X program, this is where they implanted Adamantium in his skeleton to create the ultimate weapon but this Canadian is not one to submit to others so easily. He manages to escape the Weapon X program and begins to work as an intelligence operative for the Canadian government. This is where he gains the identity of Wolverine and becomes one of Canada’s first super heroes, his first mission is to stop the destruction caused by a brawl between the Hulk and the Wendigo.

After all of this Professor Xavier recruited Logan to join his new team of superhero-mutant team the X-men.

Logan’s abilities include:Master martial artist

  • Regenerative healing Factor
  • Adamantium-plated skeletal structure and retractable claws
  • Superhuman, reflexes, senses and other animal like attributes
  • Extended Longevity

Although Wolverine has seen many iterations from the time it was first seen (The Incredible Hulk #181, November 1974) to the time of his death in the comic series (Death of Wolverine, September 2014). Wolverine has been such an iconic character and now that the last movie of Hugh Jackman as the character is coming we have nothing else but wonder what would happen to the character at the end of this film. The movie will be based on the comic series Old-man Logan but it will not follow the same storyline as the comics. Logan premieres in March 3 2017.



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